N. Laredo: (867) 715-40-00 | Laredo, TX: (956) 722-4945


Infrastructure Technology

» Dedicated fiber optic connection in Laredo, TX.

» Dedicated fiber optic connection in Nuevo Laredo.

» Microwave link on both sides of the border.

» E-Mail Server with 2 redundant backup services.

» Web server to host our internet services.

» Application servers hosting our internal software.

» Data servers hosting internal data.

» NAS server hosting scanned documents

» Support in the daily cloud with a history of 60 days.

Electronic Information Access

  • Access to general consultation of operations.
  • Online and on-demand information download.
  • Automatic sending of information by electronic mail.
  • Online and on-demand viewing and printing information.

(*) Petition, estimate sheet, demonstration of values, commercial invoice, Mexican and American expense account, Mexican and American note of charge of debit, Mexican and American credit note.